Beach Essentials for a Toddler


After a long and cold winter I could not be happier that it is finally summer! We are so lucky to live on an island with so many beautiful beaches. We took Desmond a few times last summer and he enjoyed it about as much as a 3 month old baby can, so this summer is a completely different story. He’s so curious not to mention very mobile!image

So here is our beach bag essentials for our big day at the beach!

Sunscreen– This is number one for a reason. We’ve all heard the dangers of sun exposure and I certainly wouldn’t want to chance anything on my little guy. I apply it before we leave and while hes either naked or just in a diaper to make sure I don’t miss any spots. And a good rule of thumb is to reapply every 2 hours.
Sunhat– Desmond has a wide-brimmed bucket style hat that covers his ears and has a chin strap to keep him from pulling it off. Sunglasses are also a great idea if you can keep them on your little one.
Swimsuit + a change of clothes– There’s nothing worse than sitting in a wet suit for the entire ride home (trust me, I seem to forget my own change of clothes every time)
Diapers– I always make sure I have one more diaper than I think I’ll need. Now depending on your preference you can take regular cloth diapers or disposables, they will get pretty puffy and saturated if they get wet, another option is swim diapers, but turns out these are only good for catching number 2s. They will soak through with pee. I find a cloth diaper works best for us. Also don’t forget the wipes!
Towels or blankets– You’ll need something to lay out on and to dry off with
– For Desmond I fill up his sippy cup with ice and water and offer that to him frequently throughout our outing. Being in the sun can be very dehydrating. I also make sure to take a little something to munch on if we’re out for a while. Granola bars, rice cakes, fruit or crackers are all good options.
Now of course there’s a million or more things that you can find to take along to the beach but these are just a few things I find I can’t live without. I’ve actually seen people who haul their pack and play down to the beach. Now that’s dedication! I try to pack as light as possible when we go, a 25lbs baby plus a bag full of stuff is already heavy enough!

Lastly, have fun at the beach! Before we know it the polar vortex will be returning!



Cloth Diapers? 4 Good Reasons to Use Them


Let me start off by saying I am not an expert when it comes to cloth diapers at all. I try really hard to keep my son in them as much as possible, but I’m only human and he does wear disposables at night and when he’s with a babysitter, but I’d like to eventually work up to him being solely in cloth and for any future babies to be in cloth too.

Unlike a lot of cloth mamas, I actually only have one brand that I’ve tried and, luckily, it’s worked out wonderfully for us. I use the brand Peachy Baby. These are what you would call an AI2, which for those cloth diapering illiterate means they are a 2-piece diaper. The waterproof outer shell and an absorbent liner or insert that you lay inside the diaper. Anyway, on with the list!

  1. The Look– I don’t think there’s anything cuter than the look of a cloth diapered tush! I love coordinating Desmond’s outfits to whatever coloured diaper he is wearing that day. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cloth as well! Whereas with disposables you have your choice between Winnie the Pooh and Mickey (btw I always go for pooh when I buy disposables) and they’re all white! Now if that isn’t reason enough to go cloth, I don’t know what is!
  2. The Cost– Now when I looked into the cost I was blown away! In the 3 years or so that your child will be in diapers you’re looking at a price of $3500-$4000 just on diapers! But if you choose to cloth…. The cost goes down to a fraction of that. Take for example the Peachy Baby diapers I use. They retail for $28.00 for a diaper with 2 liners, so to buy 20, which is more than plenty you’re looking at a cost of about $560. Putting those numbers side by side really puts it into perspective!
  3. The Landfills– Now it’s hard for me to get really preachy here about clogging up the landfills because I am just as guilty as anyone for using disposables occasionally too, but after reading up on it my eyes got wide…. It takes over 250 years to decompose a disposable diaper and in Canada alone we are tossing 4 million diapers in the trash a day!!! It makes me feel a lot better knowing that even using cloth part time I’m cutting down on my own waste. Click here to learn more about the impact diapers have on the environment.
  4. The Comfort– I don’t know about you, but the idea of wearing something soft and fleecy or made of bamboo against my bum sounds so much better than a plastic-y, paper hybrid.

Wow, so after compiling this list I am that much more fired up to continue using cloth and perhaps slowly faze out disposables all together. I know for me, at least, it’s a work in progress, but if anyone has some tips for me feel free to leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


These opinions are all my own.


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